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Wholesale BOP Insurance

Wholesale Superior BOP | Business Owner Plan  Insurance

Superior BOP  Insurance is available in all our operating states:: NY, NJ, CT, IL, IN, OH, UT.
(Contact us if your state is not listed for recent update information)

The Superior BOP Insurance Plan

Cover Agency, Ltd.  is pleased to announce the expansion of our new "Superior BOP" Insurance Plan to include Restaurants and a variety of additional business classes. Coverages may vary a bit for some of the new classes because we have also expanded our Superior BOP Insurance Company Markets to include a number of additional insurance companies. Premium rates remain competitive.

We have significantly expanded the qualifying number of Classes by more than 100 including many types of Restaurants, Artisans, and More have been significantly expanded. The original list is at the bottom of this page and will be updated shortly. Meanwhile contact Priscilla Li at:
pli.coveragency@gmail.com or (718) 591-2400 to obtain more information about our broad classes expansion.

Superior BOP Commission Rates are now up to 16%.

This website also contains detailed information about Cover Agency's Commercial Excess Liability and Umbrella Liability program, including a comprehensive list of basic classes. Note that exceptions to the "basic classes" list are frequently available. If you don't see the class you need, contact us.
Our basic list uses an automated underwriting matrix which enables fast decision making services for most business classes. Generous Commissions are frequently available to brokers.

The unusual program characteristics of our Superior BOP Insurance Plan can assist our broker-customers' meeting their insureds' needs, with a Superior BOP insurance product:

The "Superior BOP" insurance plan's coverages fit the requirements of  many companies and investors, for hundreds of business classes, including commercial real estate, artisans, professionals, wholesale distributors, and retailers. 

Superior BOP insurance coverages include:

A. "Property Limit" up to $5,000,000 (Building or contents or combined), plus loss of Business Income. 

"Multiple locations"
 can be covered in one policy.

B. 1. "Maximum Liability" Limit:

$2,000,000 Occurrence  /  $4,000,000 Aggregate

(Usually a low increase in premium for higher limits, above the common $1,000,000 / $2,000,000. limits Saves the client the cost of an excess policy, or provides more coverage for a lower cost combined premium.

Note: We have strong, very competitive Automated "Prompt Quote, & Bind" Commercial Excess and Umbrella markets, with Generous Commissions.

    2. Products Liability and Completed Operations Coverages Available for many classes.

C. Uncapped Business Income Coverage is generally standard,  including Extra Expenses Coverage, for up to 12 months.

D. Additional Coverage Extensions Benefits  Available in Addition to Basic Requested Coverages; NO Additional Premium Incurred for the standard Menu List.


E. i.    Contents Only can be submitted.
     ii.   Building Only can be submitted too. 

F. "Wind" Peril is Included.

G. Frame Construction can be submitted.

H. Waiver of Subrogation can be requested.

I. New Business Operations may apply.

J. Minimum premium is only $500.

K.  The insurer is A.M. Best Rated "A"

Superior BOP Business Classes  number approximately  250 BOP business and real estate types. Many are preferred classes with Faster Underwriting.

Forward your completed Applications to:

 Fast Submissions Department Link.

Additional Information and Questions, Contact:

 Priscilla Li, Vice President :

Direct 7 Days:      (347) 886-9778

Office:          (718) 591-2400

Email: priscillali@coveragency.biz


Accounting Services                                                                  

Advertising Agencies                                                                 

Air Conditioning Systems - Repair, Service, Installation  

Appliance Stores - Household                                                

Appliance Stores - Radio & Television                                

Appraisal Company                                                                    


Artists Supply Store                                                                  

Artisans, Contractors

              Air Conditioning                                                        

              Concrete Driveway, Parking Area, Sidewalk - Repair, Paving, Re-paving                                        

              Drywall, Wallboard Installation                              

              Electrical Work                                                            


              Floor Covering Installation (Not ceramic or stone)

              Glaziers, Glass Dealer                                                    

              Heating  / Combined Heating & Air Conditioning Systems
(No LPG) - Installation, Service, Repair 1711

              Masonry Contractor                                                      

              Metal Erection                                                                

 Plumbing Contractor - Commercial, Residential (Not        industrial)                

              Refrigeration Systems or Equipment - Installation, Service,       Repair                                        

              Tile, Stone, Marble, Mosiac, Terrazo Work - Interior Construction                                                    

Auto Parts                                                                                        


Bakery Distributors                                                                        

Barber Shop                                                                                      

Beauty Shop/Hair Salon                                                                

Beauty Supply Store                                                                        

Books & Magazines                                                                        

Camera Store                                                                                    

Candy Store / Confectionary Store - No Manufacturing  

Candy Store / Confectionary Store - Manufacturing  w/ Chocolate

Candy Store / Confectionary Store - Mfg/  w/o Chocolate

Clothing, Wearing Apparel - Distributors                              

Clothing, Wearing Apparel - Stores


              Family Clothing Store                                                  

              Haberdasher, Furnishings                                          

              Hosiery Store                                                                  

              Ladies & Girls                                                                

              Ladies Specialty Store                                                  

              Ladies Lingerie, Undergarments                                

              Mens & Boys                                                                  

              Mens & Boys- Hats, Caps                                            

Coffee, Tea Store                                                                          

Collectibles, Memorabilla - Distributor                                

Collectibles, Memorabilla - Retail                                          

Computer Stores                                                                        

Computer Services                                                                    

Construction - Concrete                                                            

Dairy Products Stores                                                                

Department Stores                                                                    

Driveway, Parking Area, Sidewalk -Repair, Paving, Re-paving            

Drugstores, Pharmacies                                                            

Drywall, Wallboard Installation                                            

Electrical Work                                                                        

Electrical Lighting Stores                                                      

Electronic Stores                                                                      


Fabric Distributors                                                                  

Fabric Stores                                                                            

Financial Services Offices                                                      

Floor Covering Installation (Not ceramic or stone)      

Floor Covering Distributor                                                

Floor Covering Store                                                            

Florist - Distributor                                                              

Florist Shop                                                                            

Framing, Pictures, Painting Store                                    

Funeral Home                                                                        

Furniture Store                                                                      

Garden Supplies Store                                                        

Gift Shop                                                                                

Glaziers, Glass Dealer                                                          

Grocery Distributor                                                          

Grocery Store                                                                    

Hardware Store                                                                

Health / Natural Food Store                                          

Hearing Aid Distributor                                                  

Hearing Aid Store                                                              

Health or Natural Foods                                                  

Heating  / Combined Heating & Air Conditioning Systems - (No LPG) - Installation, Service, Repair

Hobby, Craft, Artists Supply - Distributor                    

Hobby, Craft, Artist Supply - Store                                

Home Furnishings Store                                                  

Inspection/ Appraisal Company                                    

Insurance Broker / Agent                                                

Insurance Claims Adjuster                                              

Jewelry Distributor (No jeweler's block)                      

Jewelry Repair                                                                    

Jewelry Store (No jeweler's  block)                                      

Laundry / Dry Cleaning Receiving Station                        

Law Office                                                                                  


Luggage Store                                                                          

Mail Box / Packaging Store                                                  

Maintenance Yard                                                                  

Management Consulting Firm                                              

Marine Supply Store                                                              

Masonry Contractor                                                                

Meat, Poultry, Fish, Seafood Store                                      

Medical Office                                                                      

Medical Supply Store                                                          

Metal Erection                                                                      

Music Store (pre-recorded)                                              

Nail Salon                                                                              


Not For Profit Association / Charity Office

Office Building - Real Estate Owner                                

Optical Goods Distributor                                                  

Optical Goods Store                                                            

Party Supply Store                                                                

Pet Store / Grooming                                                          


Plumbing Contractor - Commercial, Residential   (Not industrial)

Printing, Publishing, Documenting (x-bookbinding)

Printing / Bookbinding Supplies Distributor                      

Printing / Bookbinding Supplies Stores                              

Public Relations Firms & Marketing Offices                      

Real Estate Broker / Agency                                                  

Real Estate Manager                                                                

Refrigeration Systems or Equipment - Installation, Service, Repair

Shoe Repair Store                                                                        

Shoe Store                                                                                      

Specialty Foods - Meats, Cheese (no cooking delicatessens)

Sporting Goods / Athletic Equipment                                      

Stationery / Office Supply Distributor                                    

Stationery / Office Supply Store                                                

Tailoring / Sewing Establishment                                            

Tile, Stone, Marble, Mosiac, Terrazo Work - Interior Construction

Title Agent                                                                                        

Toy Distributor                                                                               

Toy Store                                                                                          

Travel Agency                                                                                  

ASK US! or Submit and we shall respond.

Note: Not all business and real estate types are available in all states.

Additional Information and Questions,


Priscilla Li, Vice President

Cover Agency, Ltd.

Direct: (347) 886-9779

Office: (718) 591-2400

Email: priscillali@coveragency.biz

Cover Agency, Ltd

Wholesale Property, Casualty, Health Insurance

Contact: Priscilla Li, Vice President

Email: priscillali@coveragency.biz

Office: 718-591-2400
Cell: 347- 886-9778

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